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The production of bicycle rims and wheels is a tradition that, for us, dates back to the early 1900s. After more than a century of experience, three family generations in management and continuous investments in technology, BERETTA CERCHI is still today the Italian leader and one of the largest European manufacturers in the sector.

The accurate study of the product, the meticulous selection of the materials used, the high level of automation of the machinery employed and the strict quality controls carried out throughout the production process allow us to offer products appreciated by a wide range of Italian and International customers: from the small craftsman to the large bicycle industry.

11000 m²

Total Area

6000 m²

Production Area


Annual Export percentage

BERETTA CERCHI is able to satisfy every market demand in a short time and at competitive prices thanks to the wide range of models and sizes on offer, the maximum flexibility of the production process and the high stock of articles immediately available in stock.

While formulating strategies for the future we looked at our past history: our experience, the problems we faced, the solutions we applied and the goals we achieved. Our commitment for the coming years will be the same as in the past: to make Customer Satisfaction the core element of our business.

1,0 Mln pcs

WHEELS annual out-put

2,5 Mln pcs

RIMS annual out-put

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